11 décembre 2012

Salem, a conditioning society

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Salem was created to be a perfect puritan society, « a light on the world ». Nothing could hint that about 60 years after the foundation of the colony a group of young girls would set the seed of a disorder which revealed social tensions, fears and a blinded faith in a strict religion. The religious conditioning of the puritan society may have favoured excentric reactions especially of the children whose consciousness of god, of sins or of the devil were overfed: in the book of Liliane Crété, Les sorcières de Salem, it is reported that a seven year-old girl named Ann Bradstreet « began to « take cousciousness » of the lord’s ways and not sin ». Another example: Elizabeth Butcher, two and a half year-old girl, had been heard asking the following question: « What is my corrupted nature? »

The political instability during the period of the trials led to a miscarriage of justice which now could be considered parodical, even criminal : allowing  « the spectral evidence » as sufficient evidence to judge a suspect was completly irrational and also absolutely catastrophic.

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